34 thoughts on “[1.6 Spoilers] Flyer & App

  1. Going to do more notes for the visually impaired & those who use screen readers; note that the information is deliberately obfuscated, so it is incomplete. You may wish to search the comments to see what else people pull out of it. For the first image, I requested a reader do their best to do the transcription, so my authorial bias wouldn’t make things any more or less clear. Thanks Justiego.

    First image: Flyer, on paper in a dusty rose color, what appears to be two photocopied images are overlaid, with much of the text unreadable. Text reads as follows:

    Text in black outline marks a title stating: ‘Eat an [unreadable]’ and ‘All you can’

    Black text overlays the last lines, with ‘[unreadable]R Song’ and musical notes.

    Middle section: ‘Breakfast, Lunch & Din [unreadable]’ and ‘For only $ [unreadable] – the earlier musical notes overlay the unreadable portions.

    Overlapping images appear, but they’re badly degraded and show the people in the pictures as silhouettes only. One appears to be people at a table. Another appears to be a person holding a microphone.

    ‘[unreadable/nonexistent text] …imited [unreadable; Justiego guesses ‘seats’] available.’

    ‘When: Eight Nights:’

    ‘Eat so well you’ll [unreadable]’
    ‘Take another bit[unreadable]’
    ‘Bring nothing [unreadable]’
    ‘Hungry bell… [unreadable]’

    Eight bars of text are illegible, six on the right and two below or overlaying the ‘hungry bell…’ line. Justiego picks out the letters ‘Las’ in one of the two below.

    At the bottom, it reads: ‘Make your reservations online at:’ with the website address scratched out.

    Second image: three phones appear, two vertical and one horizontal.

    The two vertical phones have bars at the top, with red app icons showing stacked school desks, with text reading ‘Class RankR’ with the R stylized and red. A menu appears below with icons appearing left to right; a menu, a blue ‘boy’ sign, a highlighted red ‘girl’ sign, a face with sunglasses, a face with a graduation cap and papers, and a highlighted icon with two faces staring into each other’s eyes. The red ‘R’ icon appears in the far right with a plus sign.

    The main portion of the two vertical show the names of the female students, with pictures:

    • Mia Campbell St-Ja… [Text is cut off] – 9
    • Hailey McKay – 7
    • Emerson Peart – 5
    • Avery Kelly – 5
    • Sharon Maddocks – 5
    • Kyleigh Miller – 4
    • Verona Hayward – 3

    The second phone reads:

    • Caroline Gray – 2
    • Melissa Oakham – 2
    • Pamela O’Neill – 2
    • Brooklynn McLeish – 1
    • Alexa Duff – 1
    • Alayna Weagle – 1
    • Lucy Ellingson – 0

    The number of points correspond to the hearts that appear beneath each person’s name. Mia Campbell-St-Ja… has a yellow, two red, and two black hearts. Avery has two red and a black. Verona has a yellow heart. Lucy has none.

    The third phone appears with the text turned sideways, running along the phone’s length. Lucy’s is at the top, partially cut off, with the same information as above. Below, it reads ‘STATISTICS FOR ‘Kennet Public 8/9 Class’ GIRLS

    • (Yellow heart) 5 Mutual Likes – 3 points each! (Doesn’t count anyone without at least two choices)
    • (Red heart) 10 First Picks – 2 points each!
    • (Black heart) 12 Second Picks – 1 point each!
    • (Two blue hearts) Three boys are into boys (Two picked only boys, one picked both a boy & a girl)
    • (Two pink hearts) One girl is into girls)

    At the very bottom, there’s a prompt to check out the boys’ results, and an option to click for more apps by the same company, suggested by the reappearance of the red ‘R’ from the app title.

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    • Some clarifications/additions/guesses on the flyer:

      “Eat so well you’ll never
      take another bi[te]
      Bring nothing [but a?]
      hungry belly”
      (“never” is definitely there, the “te” is inferred, “but a” or something similar would connect the last 2 lines into a coherent sentence)

      directly below “[l]imited seats available”, I can make out:

      “Full Moon” superimposed over “In Kennet”
      “xing [?]i[?]bous”, almost definitely “Waxing Gibbous” with the first 2 letters cut off, over “Aul[d?] [K?]i…[S?]…”; wild guess based on internet searches: “Auld Kirk Scotch”? “Scotch” seems likely now that I’m looking for it, the “t” and “h” in particular. It’s a historic Scottish settlement in Ontario, the same province the story takes place in, and we’ve seen an Other with a Scottish accent.
      “First Quarter” over something like “Nep[?]to”.
      “a[?]ing C…” near the beginning along with a superimposed “W”, and just based on the order of the moon phases so far, “Waxing Crescent” (with the “W” out of place) would mostly fit. Looks like at least 3 phrases total on top of each other, I’m seeing an “i” in one font and an “sl” in another, both intersecting that first “g”, and 2 different styles of “g” in the second half (on top of “Crescent”).
      “Donnybrook” over “Moonless”
      “ing Cres…”, probably “[Wan]ing Crescent” based on the order, over “Sulph…”

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      • Aha! Nephton (line 3), Winisk (L4), and Sulphide (L6) are all Ontario ghost towns, like Donnybrook and Auld Kirk Scotch. Doesn’t bode so well for Kennet.

        That leaves “Last Quarter”/”Tomiko” and “Waning Gibbous”/”Leeblain” on the left side.

        The website can only be used “on certain nights”, I’m guessing nights when the moon reaches one/any of these phases. Not exactly sure how the ghost towns factor into it.


  2. That first handout is… unsettling, in a way I can’t really explain. It’s like, I don’t like how much of a coherent message you can get out of what looks like a printing error. I can see why Lacy immediately linked it to the Hungry Choir (well she used her sight), with the buffet and karaoke theme.

    I’ll wait for someone smarter than me to unscramble to harder to read parts.

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  3. I’m having trouble figuring out how anyone could get points for “5 mutual likes,” when they can only choose 2 people to like. Where do the other 3 mutual likes come from???


    • I think it means there were 5 mutual likes in total.
      You can see that there are 5 of the yellow hearts.
      Which means each one that got a mutual like earned 3 points.

      I wonder what would happen if someone got a mutual like for both first and second pick….


    • Confused me too at first, but I believe the 5 mutual likes means there were 5 individual mutual likes (5 yellow hearts) total for all the girls.


    • Okay, so… we can see 14 girls in a class of 33? Are there more girls or are the rest boys. Because these stats mean at least 12 boys had to pick two likes to have 12 second choices. But we could have maximum… 15? 12 first picks plus 5 mutual? So maybe a few other girls got 0… Brutal.


  4. Oh man. I’m loving these! That hungry choir sure is terrifying 😡 It feels as though if I spent ten hours on this I could figure out what it all says. But I’m not doing that. I could decipher:

    On the right side, there’s a block of text, with two or three lists of words superimposed on top of the other. It is headed by the line “limited seats available!”. On the first line, some of the super imposed text reads “Full Moon”. And I think the third line has the word “Neptune” in it.

    Completing one of the lines from Justiego: “Eat so well you’ll never…” then, skewed, I can make out “greed” or “blood”.

    In the middle of the flyer, there’s two or three pictures superimposed. The rightmost is of a person’s head, seen from the side. They are smiling widely, bringing a fork of food to their mouth. The image, save for the teeth, is washed black against the red flyer paper, and it makes me think that the person has been horribly burnt or scarred.

    There’s a center image and… I can make out a table with a plate of food on it. Honestly, my brain interprets it as a birthday cake, with a fucking creepy child behind it. I feel like I can make out its face. Honestly, I just keep seing eyes and teeth and faces and hands and it’s horrible.


  5. I always found this class ranker app to be very sketchy, but seeing WB mention that the app is made by a company and isn’t something some rando posted to an app store for funsies is super fucking creepy. I can’t help but imagine this is breaking all sorts of privacy legislation, especially if they operate in Europe. Some of these children may not even be 13, which is what I’ve seen to be the age someone can consent to have their private information handled by a company. At least for web services from the US.

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  6. Verona has a mutual pick. [eyes] Avery… has unwanted attention. 😐 Poor Lucy.

    eat so you’ll take another . . . i dunno. getting cannibalism vibes. Not a lot of clue here.


  7. Other pertinent information.

    Did Verona say who she liked? They liked her back.
    I feel the ‘(Doesn’t count anyone without at least two choices)’ is a Chekhov disclaimer. Someone will come out of woodwork in future who liked only one.

    Do we know the number of people in class? I think we can figure out the number who used the app correctly. Would be interesting to see if it lines up.

    In the class ranker image, seven of the 14 girls have white faces, six have icons or images. Lucy is the only black face.

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    • Out of kindness, since she thought they wouldn’t be picked a lot, Verona liked Jeremy (arty guy, nerd, Lucy thinks Verona should talk more to him) and Wallace (gamer, nerd).

      Avery liked just Pamela (arty, nicest person in class, great hugs.)

      Lucy liked Amadeus (likes science, popular, cute) and George (pebbler.)

      References to other girls: Melissa (dancer, soccer with Avery, pesters Verona to join dance club), Sharon (arty, dancer), Hailey (dancer), Mia (dancer.)

      I am not sure if I get the heart system. Mia has two reds and two blacks. If one read equals 10 first picks and one black equals 12 second picks, does that mean she got 20+ firsts and 24+ seconds? 44 guys in class vs 14 girls doesn’t seem likely. Even if you can pick the same person as first and second, there are a lot of hearts in the list.


      • I think that the 10 relates to the number of first picks, not the number of first picks required for the heart. Same with the other numbers.


      • The heart system down the bottom is a bit weird, but it’s displaying two separate bits of information:

        It’s saying that a Red Heart means a First Pick and is worth 2 points, and ALSO, SEPARATELY, that between them, the Kennet 8/9 girls were the first picks of 10 people.

        It’s unclear how the Yellow / Mutual Picks tie into that – as Pamela’s one First Pick is from Avery, that means only nine of the First Picks came from the boys. I assume, then, that Mutuals override First Picks, but only because it seems weird for a class to have nine boys and fourteen girls.


      • So the “mutual hearts only show if they made at least 2 choices” means you can’t tell who it is without asking… at least that’s my understanding of how you keep it relatively anonymous.

        The ambiguity in the description is in whether a person can have two hearts (mutual plus 1st/2nd pick both true). I think logically it must be one heart per person, since there are more 2nd than 1st hearts? Thus the possibilities are 12-15 1st choices and 12 or 13 2nd choices. So 2-5 of the mutuals are the other person’s 1st choice, 0-1 are 2nd choice.

        Knowing how many boys participated would disambiguate further, since 2 picked no girls and Avery picked 1, there’s just 1 less 1st choice than number of boys.

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  8. Since the flyer isn’t actually a bit of paper, but is part of the Hungry Choir itself, presumably the reason it looks badly printed is to disguise the fact that it doesn’t actually promise anything, and thus isn’t actually lying about anything?

    If so, it’s interesting to see the Others’ obfuscation can apply to short adverts as well as longer conversations or contracts.


  9. For the simple fact they’re all named, I fear for the safety of all those students. Something more is most definitely going on and I’m willing to bet it’ll get all (or at least most) of them involved to some extent.


  10. The boy who picked Verona (either Jeremy or Wallace) knows she picked him back, but she doesn’t know who of the two it is.

    Since the total number of votes for girls are 27, and one of them came from Avery, and two boys didn’t vote for any girls — (and assuming I didn’t add it up wrongly) either 16 or 17 boys voted in total. (including 2 gay boys that didn’t vote for any girls, and either 2 or 4 boys that selected a single girl each) You can’t have more than than that, because the number of ‘first pick’ votes is at most 9+5=14 — and by that same logic you can only have 17 boys participating if the bi boy voted the girl as his 2nd pick rather than the 1st.

    Any more relevant information we can extract using arithmetic?


  11. So… How is there 12 second picks, but 10 first picks?

    If there you have the option of picking either one or two people, surely there would be more first picks than second picks.

    … am I missing something here?

    Also, if almost everyone in class is in on it, is the class just really small?


    • You’re missing the fact that “Mutual likes” are listed separately. There are 5 mutual likes, which are not included in the 1st/2nd picks.

      Not treating them separelty, In total there were 27 votes for the girls — excluding the 1 vote by Avery, that’s 26 votes by the boys for the girls, making for either a 13/13 or a 14/12 first pick/second pick split.

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    • Was wondering about this too. I think the thing is that the numbers of first and second picks aren’t including the mutual likes, which seem to be counted separately – plus the bi boy might’ve picked a boy first and a girl second.

      I think everyone is supposed to have filled it out – small town!


      • Got bored and worked out the possibilities. If the boy who picked a boy and a girl picked the girl first, or picked the girl second but was liked back by the girl, there are exactly 16 boys participating, of whom 2 liked only boys, 1 liked a girl and a boy, 1 liked exactly one girl, and 12 liked 2 girls each. In any of these cases, all mutual likes involving the boys who liked only girls were the boys’ first picks.

        On the other hand, if this boy picked the girl second and was not liked back, then either a) there are 16 boys with the same breakdown as before and exactly one of the mutual likes involving boys who liked only girls was the boy’s second pick or b) there are 17 boys, of whom 2 liked only boys, 1 liked a girl and a boy, 3 liked exactly one girl each, and 11 liked 2 girls each – in this case all mutual likes involving the boys who liked only girls were the boys’ first picks.

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  12. You know, it occurs to me that this app is almost definitely inviting controversy for how it’s outing gay teenagers who might not have come out to their classmates or families. All it’d take is one suicide whose family takes it to the news media and suddenly they’re getting a lot of very negative publicity.


    • Maybe, but they’d probably have a decent defense that they didn’t identify who the gay teen was, just the existence of one (or in this case three or four). And I doubt the appmakers were too worried about that sort of thing; this seems less like a big-name program than the sort of app little companies throw together on a unique premise in hopes of getting hundred of thousands of people to glance at ads that they can get…
      Hold on, where are the ads? If they’re not getting ad revenue from the results screen of all places, where are they monetizing the app? Is it paranoid of me to suspect that the app is somehow connected to a supernatural plot just because it has fewer annoying ads than most cheaply-made apps?


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