[2.1 Spoilers] Interview Notes I

Text- The Victim: Carmine Beast

Who:  The carmine beast.  One of four prominent judge-like Others that oversee Eastern Manitoba & a good chunk of Ontario, where Lords and other powers don’t already have sway.
Manages & influences violent & bloody Others.  By just hanging around & holding the seat, influences the Others who appear & how they act.
Can be a final court of appeals for matters of Other and practitioner?

What: Someone or something violently attacked her.  She was hurt, made her way into Kennet, and disappeared.  Her power/being is still around, but this is blurry; she can’t die, exactly?  Someone or something may have her power/substance and may be able to use it to take her post.

Where: Kennet.  She collapsed near Kennet Arena.  A witness (Louise Bayer) may have more details.

When:  5 weeks ago, C.B. is attacked.
–  Goblins catch wind of this.  Witness & Goblins follow.  Goblins have to stop, turn back.  They split up to find Miss (T.S.), Charles and incidentally Matthew (Munch), Edith (Gash, also expected to find Matthew), and the faerie (Cherry).
–  After people convene at murder/abduction site, they decide to recruit us 3.
– Outside practitioners go looking for C.B.  Miss is tipped off, and we awaken a bit earlier than planned.

Text: Charles Abrams – Ex Practitioner

– Can Lie
– Was a summoner.  Made Others?
– Has materials lying around. What can a forsworn person use?

Means? – Few to none.  Not strong.  See Capabilities, above.

Motive? – Big motives.  Angry & Vulnerable.  Appealed to
the Carmine Beast and was ignored?  Other three
were jerks to him.  Is ‘whipping boy’ for Kennet Others
Possible revenge motive vs. ex-friend, auger.

Opportunity? – No?  Relates to means.
Alibi – Matthew.  Went over to get books.  Timing
suggests Charles was busy when event happened,
Matthew left.  Bluntmunch stayed.

*  Cared about prisons, politics?
*  Didn’t want us involved.
*  Can/will take curses and stuff.  Took Yalda’s curse.
*  Ongoing dependence.
*  Wanted to summon a watch-dog on the day/night he was forsworn?  Good at heart?
*  Scary/unpleasant vibe

Text: John Stiles
Dog of War / Dog Tag

– Strong
– War Sense?
– Can’t die or be easily bound while the war that created him continues
–  Doesn’t sleep, doesn’t relax.  Vigilant & tactical thinking constantly
– Can appear quickly if summoned

* Mosaic personality, made up of many soldiers
*  One of twenty that were a group.  16 war, 3 flame, 1 black.
*  Black was Yalda.  A close companion that John had to kill.
*  Routine includes games, early/late walks.  Executes problem Others near Kennet

Means – Doesn’t sound like he is strong enough.
–  Maybe with a big gun?

Motive – The killing of Yalda?
–  Says he doesn’t want the role.  “I’ve served enough.”

Opportunity – Has alibi.  Was out hunting, far from Kennet.
–  Confirm with Miss?

Important – may become the next Carmine, if forced to it.  miss doesn’t think he’d last long before being ousted.

Text: The Hungry Choir

– Manifests as a kind of storm over Ontario
– Children (“Waifs”) appear as raindrops of this storm, apparently act as eyes?  Face?  Limbs?
– Reaches out to targets in the area, using fliers.  Targets must choose to participate, but are selected from people who really want to?
– Every phase of the moon, creates a variant dimension, similar to our own, in that night’s location.
*  No food, drinkable water (I had to borrow a gun because the soda cans emptied)
*  ‘Witnesses’
*  More active waifs
*  More freedom to enforce rules?
*  Time flows differently.  Website theory – a count of heartbeats?
*  No grass, leaves.

Means – Maybe?  Strongest other we may have seen so far, besides the Sable, Aurum & Alabaster.
–  Isn’t immediately obvious if there is an intelligence behind it.

Motive – Goes back to intelligence
–  Would the waifs attack or eat if they could?
–  Or if someone set it up to happen?
–  It apparently wants to grow & sustain itself, according to miss.
–  Would the beast try to stop the choir as part of its duties?
–  Beast is a big meal.
–  Miss says it wouldn’t want the role of Carmine.

Opportunity – Choir knew or was in the area already, according to T.S.?
–  Hard to pin down, because they occupy/cover a huge area, instead of being within it?

Note – Opening another ‘Investigation notebook’ later, for choir.  Sticking to the C.B. investigation in this book.  If anything happens to us, look for the 2nd book.


13 thoughts on “[2.1 Spoilers] Interview Notes I

  1. Images (in addition to the text, which is described above):

    Page 2 – has a watercolor image of Charles taped to the page, balding with his thinning hair grown long on top of his head. He has a shaggy beard and a shirt with holes in it.

    Page 3 – has a watercolor image of John Stiles taped to the page. He has short hair, deep set, eyes with shadow around the sockets, and pronounced cheekbones/lines to his cheeks, with a square chin. He wears two dog tags and a ring at his necklace.

    Page 4 – two portraits of children are visible at the bottom of the image, done in watercolor, the one on the left is serious/normal, the one on the right looks upset, with his mouth open. A silhouette of a boy and a girl in watercolor are at the back.

    Page 4, second image – a silhouette of a heavyset man has teeth across the face/head.

    Page 5 – a copy of the Hungry Choir flyer appears in the top right. A map of Ontario with eight locations marked out appears in the bottom left.

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  2. This isn’t especially exciting, but goes back to the reason I wanted to do the extra materials in the first place – as the first arc is over, it’s an opportunity to recap/cover some of the investigation so far, while keeping the audience fresh, even as we leave events tens of thousands of words behind.

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    • It’s great, IMO. Having a quick collection of the information that also characterizes the people who were noting it down (this seems like Lucy, our Detectivest of the Plucky Detectives?) is really handy for reference without having to hunt through chapters for details in conversation.


  3. My theory at the moment is that the Hungry Choir was somehow passively malignant to the Carmine Beast, and that some party kept the extent of the damage concealed from everyone, including the Carmine Beast, until it accumulated to lethal levels. Then, a separate individual from both came upon the dying Carmine Beast and put her out of her misery. One killer each for means, motive, and opportunity.

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  4. I love how you can just tell this is Veronna’s notebook, based on the number of perfectly happy references to “Miss said X”. Feel like V is the one most happy to take Miss at her word.


    • Motive becomes a problem in that case – why would Clifford kill herself? Did she even have the intelligence to do so, or was she more animalistic?


  5. i like how, as (presumably) lucy writes more and more about the hungry choir, more smudges and mistakes appear w/ the words. like how gabe couldnt type or write much about the choir w/o it turning to gibberish or his hand-writing devolving to being illegible


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