[3.1 Spoilers] Interview Notes 2

–  Tampers with dreams & nightmares
–  Harvests bits from immaterial things & places, like echoes.  Makes nightmares worse and makes them matter more in the big picture.
–  Works for the universe, maintaining balances and undoing snarls.
–  Can travel easily between places and realms.  Teleports sometimes?
–  Climbs on walls, ceilings.

–  Has access to the ruins, where the beast was stored.
–  Not very strong though.  Would have to be an acomplice instead of a true culprit.

–  Associates more with the Sable Judge, who was a peer of the Carmine Beast.  Could he ask her and use his position if she lied?
–  She says her schedule and way of working was really messed up by this

– She says she was working.

Note: Was watching us and visiting us in our rooms.

Autumn Fae (Dark)

– Mastered ‘glamour’.  Illusions that can become real.
–  Incredible manipulator
–  Autumn Fae are very good at transformations.  Dark autumn Fae are good at animal changes, changing people into animals.
–  Fae in her court apparently steal kids and sell them or take parts & traits from them.

– Glamour is apparently bad at direct, blunt applications.  Would be hard to use to kill.
–  At the same time if you believe it enough and don’t disprove it, any illusion can become reality, apparently.  Could it be a big “you’re dying” illusion?

– Longstanding grudge.  “I see something like her, imperious and powerful, and I want to challenge it.”
–  temporarily blinded the beast, weeks prior.

–  Was in the cave.

Summer Fae (Light)

– Subtle, powerful glamour (Illusions)
–  John & Toadswallow described him as a romantic warrior.  Really strong but not in a way that relates to ‘real’ war and fighting.
–  Summer Fae are said to be big on adventure, high drama.

– Badass warrior?  Isn’t out of the question.
–  Glamour thing mentioned in Maricica’s entry applies.

– Beast wanted Guilherme to work for her.  ‘a tool’.
–  His court sounds like the sort to get excited about hunting big game.
–  ‘She disliked me, I disliked her’ (to paraphrase)  He called it boring and boredom is like death to a Fae?

–  No real alibi, except a meeting with an unnamed stranger.  Swore to this.

Note: Fae are hard to draw so I fudged this art & Maricica’s.

The Goblins
Toadswallow, Bluntmunch, Gashwad, & Cherrypop

– Capable of smelling trouble.
–  Natural instinct for violence, grossness, depravity.
–  apparently pretty good at making vicious weapons and messed up tools.
Toadswallow – specializes in practitioner -> goblin relationships, teaching goblin magic.
Bluntmunch – muscle & theft.  Lots of goblin contacts
Gashwad – Tainting things
Cherry – Not good at much, apparently.

– Not very strong, but goblins seem to group.  can’t rule out a big ‘heist’ for means.

– Goblins love trouble, and this whole thing has created a lot of it.

–  They were out and about when the beast died.
–  They seem to have one another as alibis, or have other alibis.
–  They don’t seem that crafty, to be able to keep a secret like this.

Lost of the Stairwell Web

– Obscured, including from many practices
–  Has picked up a lot of esoteric knowledge.  Especially about the big picture.  Solomon, practitioners, rules.
–  Has a leadership role in Kennet

– not a fighter.  But the locals listen to her.

Hates the idea of practitioner involvement, which is the biggest immediate concern the Kennet Others seem to have.  Hard to image she wouldn’t anticipate that.

–  No real alibi, but even then… she wouldn’t really benefit from one?  She’d be the mastermind, telling others what to do and when.  Wouldn’t matter where she was at the time of.

–  Gave us some sketchy gifts.
–  Evasive during questioning.
–  Miss is gone now, possibly forever.  This doesn’t mean we should stop considering her.

Bye miss.

19 thoughts on “[3.1 Spoilers] Interview Notes 2

  1. I know some of the text got cut off – only realized at the last minute that my scanner didn’t pick up everything on the pages I was using. Sorry. Included text below to show the intended text.

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  2. Bye Miss.

    I hope she’s not gone forever, she my favorite Other (Snowdrop hasn’t been around long enough to compete). But the mystery of what she is has been revealed, so this really might be it.


  3. Side tangent, but these drawings (especially Alpeana and goblins) are really good. But I have to say my favorite’s the Miss drawing.

    Bye Miss. It’s interesting that the handwriting there is slanted upward. I’m not one for graphology, but an upward slant is said to mean a positive emotion, while a change in handwriting style, such as the letters toward the end of “miss” getting smaller, points to a possible lie.

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  4. Bye Miss


    Gotta say, I love the mixture of paranoia “this doesn’t mean we should stop considering her” and sentiment “Bye Miss,”, “Probably forever”.

    So, I’mma going to lock in my suspicions for whodunnit.
    I reckon that both Miss and the Carmine Beast itself are heavily involved.

    Expecting Miss to return in Act III as the big… good(??)

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  5. Making my Reach!Prediction now – Avery, due to being in a position of needing Literally Any Friend, is going to establish a fond and fair working relationship with Miss.

    Which opens up Alpy for Verona-Familiar-izing! Which hopefully won’t be too rough when Verona goes Other and Familiars for Lucy.


  6. Much as the Miss page is obviously the focal point of the chapter (her picture is great), I’m glad we get to see sketches and rephrased descriptions of the other Others in town. (I imagined Alpeana looking more gaunt and stringy-haired, not this…normal.)

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  7. Oh man, Sir Toadswallow is rocking the smug, dapper bulldog look. I like that creepy-old-gravedigger vibe that Bluntmunch has too. Give him a bowler hat and a cigar, and the two of them will be an unstoppable force of charisma.

    I bet that’s what did in the Carmine Beast. Toadswallow managed to get all of Kennet’s goblins dressed up for a beautiful fifteen seconds and her poor heart just couldn’t take it. The little guys don’t even realize what they’ve done, and it’s probably for the best. The world is not ready.

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  8. Guilherme. I could do with more pictures of Guilherme. (And the rest, too, of course; pleasantly drawn and fun to look at. Goblins are unexpectedly natty (rather’n gross), and Alpeana’s got tragic beauty going on.)


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