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  1. Unofficial Transcript of the students:

    Students in the Western Wing

    Wye Belanger
    First apprentice to Alexander, Wye has graduated but returns for classes, to teach beginner Augurs, and to touch base with Alexander as Wye handles the hands-on portion of the Belanger private investigating.

    Tanner Gilpin
    Tanner became Aware after discovering words written on a wall, telling of things to come. He was taken in as apprentice and few if any would disagree that his talents reward the decision. Another graduate, oft sent away on tasks for the Belanger circle.

    Seth Belanger
    Seth, once one of the biggest troublemakers at the BHI and the nearby towns, is now a graduate. He serves the Belanger circle and assists with special projects on request while deciding on a course in life.

    Chase Whitt
    Chase joined the Belangers from the Whitt family after it was found that he had naturally keen Sight, especially when it came to finding elusive and hidden things. He helps with the Belanger business and attends Advanced classes.

    Amine Roscio
    A rare case of our esteemed Mrs. Durocher inviting someone on as an apprentice. Amine took the name of a true god and forced it to unmake its two divine sons before unmaking itself. A perpetual resident of the study nook. He attends Advanced classes.

    Reid Musser
    Reid takes after his father, a school founder, but does not necessarily follow in his footsteps. He has been traveling the world since he was fifteen, studying in its various forms. Reid keeps a collection of nine Implements and two Familiars, Blackhorne and Drowne, a trick that owes to close-held family secrets. He attends Advanced classes and helms one special project in the workshops.

    Nicolette Belanger
    The most recent apprentice under Belanger, Nicolette took the family name as part of the deal. She survived the kind of Awareness that drives most into cruelest madness and emerged with Sight. A keen Augur and practitioner of Incarnate practices, dealing in omens and curses, she attends Advanced classes.

    Estrella Vanderwerf
    Estrella leads her family practice at 17, after all family practitioners over the age of eighteen were executed by the Montreal Witch Hunters. The Vanderwerfs have long dealt with the regimented Winter Court of Faerie, and Estrella puts practitioners with three times her experience to shame as she keeps track of hundreds of plots, many of which have run for centuries. She heads a special Senior project

    Jessica Casabien
    Jessica found the practice on her own, following an echo into the Ruins, and figuting out her own means of delving deeper. She agreed to lend her knowledge and expertise in exchange for lessons. She attends intermediate classes, and is frequently away on her expeditions.

    Hadley Hennigar
    Eldest of this generation of the Hennigar clan, Hadley does not shy away from the family practice of the Gore-Strewn. Death refuses to claim her, but War certainly seems to have his hold on her. She gets her sport targeting Witch Hunters. That she’s still with us as the loudest student in the Western Wing is a testament to her talents. She attends Advanced classes, emphasizing war, elemental and price-based fields

    Ulysse Miraz
    Chosen hero of a god he will not name, Ulysse appealed to Mrs. Durocher for the coveted spot of apprentice, and won her over, a task many attempt and very few succeed at. He bears the tools gifted to him by his deity, and avidly studies in the Advanced classes, with a focus on the divine and greater powers. A year ago, we might have joked her about his out-of-school studies of girls, but he has recently engaged to be wed to…

    Eloise Miraz
    Eloise comes from an old family, relatively speaking, which says a lot when some of us can trace out lines back to the era of Solomon. Her practice is as an enchantress, and she deals with the brighter Faerie Courts, including High Spring and High Summer, courts her family has ancient relationships with. She attends Advanced classes with the ever charming Schartzmugle, a High Perversion.

    Zed Sadler
    Apprentice and friend to Raymond Sunshine. Just as we were thinking we were freed of the stylings of Raymond’s retro 80s technomancy, Zed arrived on the scene, with relentless good-naturedness and some ‘radical’ talents. The senior staff have remarked several times that his penchant for tracking down interesting problems to solve resembles the stylings of the Blue Heron Institude founders, before we have founded the Institute. Zed helps with special projects and attends the rare Advanced class, but can just as often be found out on the road. He rooms with…

    Brie Callie
    Brie became Aware while finding her way through the Devouring Song ritual, then later helped to bing the ritual. She has yet to decide on a course as either Host or Harbinger. She began attending this Spring.

    Students in the Eastern Wing

    Dom Driscoll, 10, Beginner Historian
    Sol Ferguson, 12, Elementalist of the Great Blast

    Eugene Legendre, 16, Sealer and Exterminator
    Howie Legendre, 15, Exterminator and Sealer

    Salvador P. Martin, 14, Shaman; Spider Breather
    Zachariah Nichol, 14, Totemist; Hot Girl Totemist

    Beau Austin, 14, Necromancer; Echo Drummer
    Easton Songetay, 14, War Mage and Summoner
    Myles Sutton, 14, Alchemist; Restoratives Specialist

    Davion Reese, 15, Oni Knife Throwing
    Damaryon Steyn, 14, Summoner, Eastern Approach
    Mike Storey, 15, Spirit Sword / Oni Sword Fighting

    Jarvis Staples, 16, Contract Practices, Summoning
    Silas Vanderwerf, 16, Fae Magic, Winter’s Bidding
    Maddox Willan, 16, Spellbinding, Soulbinding

    Lane Gudbrand, 16, Spirit & Wraith Gardening
    Maximilian Palaisy, 15, Valkalla, Ghost Weapons

    Talos Leos, 13, Caller of the Glass Prison Spirit
    Tymon Leos, 14, Caller of the Black Gutter Spirit

    Talia Graubard, 11, Beginner Dollmaker, Enchanter
    Jorja Leos, 11, Caller of the Drugstore Cowgirl Spirit

    Xerxes Wilkins, 17, Duality Host with Bloody Money
    Erasmus Wilkins, 15, Duality Host with Aslaug

    Corbin Kierstaad, 14, Dabbler, Subversive Practices
    Melody Kierstaad, 13, Dabbler, Longevity Practices

    Kellen Hennigar, 15, Gore-streaked Undying Archer
    Sawyer Hennigar, 14, Gore-streaked Gunslinger
    Mccauleigh Hennigar, 13, Gore-streaked Dancer

    Yadira Kennedy, 14, Western Kitsune/Oni Practices
    Kassidy Knox, 14, Trinket-specialized Collector

    Fiona Mace, 13, Astral Projector, Body Jumper
    Raquel Musser, 13, ‘Soft’ Implement Collector

    Daniella Rowsome, 15, Abyss Drinker, Elementalist
    Natasha Scobie, 15, Snowfall Elementalist

    America Tedd, 16, Goblin Witch Princess
    Liberty Tedd, 15, Goblin Raider Princess

    Laila Throop, 14, Large-scale Curse specialist
    Fernanda Whitt, 13, Generalist, Emotion Manip.

    Lucy Ellingson, 13, Wild Pract. Faerie Swordfighting
    Verona Hayward, 13, Wild Practitioner, Dabbler
    Avery Kelly, 13, Wild Practitioner, Finder

    Special Students
    (Graduate, Workshop, Itinerant, etc.)

    Elizabeth Driscoll, Historian
    Currently leading a special project, ritual city design

    Braxton Hart, Goblin King
    Paid for workshop for 2 years time, currently serving a 9 month jail sentence. Workshop is not to be disturbed.

    Judah Greer, Technomancer
    Apprentice of Raymond Sunshine, using one workshop as a relay point for quick world travel, doing preliminary work for special project that is to begin next year.

    Milly Legendre, Dabbler, Sealer, Exterminator
    Residing in the rear of Workshop C while taking Advanced classes, for privacy and to be closer to certain projects; is doing contract work for other students to safeguard sensitive special projects.

    Omarion Chant, Calendar Ritualist
    Graduated student, rented one workshop for a year.

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    • I think it’s the exact opposite: Eloise has taken Ulysse’s family name ahead of their marriage. All signs point to Eloise being a member of the Duchamp coven from Pact, and while it’s possible she uses her paternal surname, that breaks from the conventions seen in Pact.


    • Well, you see, a person swallows, on average, eight spiders every year during their sleep.

      The Spider Breathers just go right ahead and snatch all those spider spirits from within you, dozens and dozens of them crawling out of your mouth to add to their collection. Accessed, naturally, through their mouths. Sleep easy tonight! 0:3

      (Ruining the joke here, but so as to not spread misinformation, the factoid about swallowing spiders is a widely held myth but entirely false)

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  2. Returning to this a year (and many side stories later), rando characters listed in this document are STILL cropping up and proving to be plot relevant at the weirdest times. God damn it WB.


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