[9.9 Spoilers] Kennet Locations & Past Events

Homes, Perimeter, Bigger Kennet Map:

Carmine Beast & Fur Appearances, Louise Meets the Goblins:

Rituals, Aware, and various Invaders:


16 thoughts on “[9.9 Spoilers] Kennet Locations & Past Events

  1. This wasn’t the update I wanted to release, but had technical issues with wordpress that ate up my time, wasn’t a fan of the bigger Extra Materials post & thought I should release something.

    This is intended as a recap or a touching-base type of thing, grounding those users who’re feeling a bit lost in Kennet & its various events.

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  2. This EM really helps me understand the geography of events in Pale. For example, I now get why “the bridge” is the landmark that connect Verona’s house with Avery’s in 9.9.

    Thanks Wildbow ❤️

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    • I don’t know if that’s how it works, given that the house isn’t paid off yet. I’m not very knowledgeable about inheritance laws and such (let alone in Ontario), but my gut is that the house would be auctioned off, then the proceeds would go to pay off any remaining debts (which are at least $36k), and Verona would get the remainder. So it would not become the Hayward’s house, but on the plus side she’d eventually get at least a few tens of thousands of dollars out of this, assuming VD doesn’t have a bunch of other debts he didn’t bother to complain about back in 1.8 when he brought up the $36k we know about. It would be weird if he did; he doesn’t exactly hold back.


      • There’s also the possibility of Mr. H having life insurance — possibly general life insurance, possibly just covering his mortgage.

        Talking about debt, it may also be worth pointing out to some of the less-fortunate readers out there (geographically speaking, such as Americans) that Mr. H won’t have any extra debt from his stay in hospital. Kennet is in Canada, where the health care is (pretty much) free.

        Also, given that Verona is a minor, any assets inherited from her father would be held in trust by her mother (who would also get full custody of her daughter) until Verona turns 18 (or becomes an emancipated adult — unlikely, but not impossible).

        And on the flip side of things, despite the fact that Mr. H is a self-centred ***hole, he doesn’t deserve to die. Honestly, I think the most likely outcome is that Verona runs away from home, possibly staying with Lucy and Jasmine, with financial support from Verona’s mother. That being said, this is a supernatural Wildbow tale, so it’s even more likely that Mr. H becomes Other — he’s practically an emotional ghoul as it is, feeding off the attention of others.



        • In the runaway scenario, support from Verona’s mom seems unlikely unless she’s able to get her custody officially assigned to Jasmine. If custody remains officially with VD, then asking her mom to help will put her in a position of needing to send support to both locations, doubling her burden. I don’t think she’ll be amenable to that.

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        • Same here. The people who immediately assumed “VD dies” are quite the optimists, though. Gotta give ’em credit for that.


  3. I absolutely adore these maps! They’re something I’m really bad at keeping track of, and this gives soooo much clarity for where things are.

    The girls mentioned a new Goblin Hole a couple of chapters ago. That would be the lower hole, I think, since the other one would be the downtown grate. It puts it in perspective that there is a discrete number of these shortcuts, which makes Ken extra useful.

    I like how the Kennet Magic Circle is notated, I missed that at first but found it after realizing the N&C was Nibbles & Chloe and subsequently looking for Montague. I presume the girls don’t know where Lis, Crooked Rook, etc are staying (if they’re staying anywhere, they may well be “homeless” in a sense).

    Do we know where Verona’s proposed Demense was and where Tashlit is chilling?


  4. I really appreciate the maps. I do alright with positions, but I was mainly rendering events and locations by how far from the centre of town they are, so I got Louies’ and John’s houses roughly right, but I was really bad at orienting them.

    So I knew they both lived away from major populations but I didn’t know that she was to the north and he was to the south.

    Not sure how much sense that makes. But having them all laid out like this helps. Definitely coming back to this.


  5. Interesting… So the furs have almost traveled in a circle by this point.

    Crazy theory time!!

    Clem sighted them on a vehicle bound out of Kennet. The destination the furs ended up in was in almost the opposite direction to where that vehicle was headed. Why? Did the conspirators suddenly change their mind about where to stash the furs?

    My theory is that maybe the Others who took the furs from the teenagers are not the same Others who originally claimed the furs from Carmine. There is more than just a single secret interest in play here.

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  6. So Verona obviously has to take as her domain that weird lake to her south (assuming ‘up is north’), right?
    Then the trio would be in a power triangle.


  7. While I have good visualization skills, the fact that these locations have been trickled out to us over the course of months and hundreds of thousands of words makes me wish I had the means to convert these visual maps to some tactile maps… Too bad the only really viable tactile graphics display on the market costs fifteen grand… and even if I had access to some suitable for for “printing” a tactile map, I have no clue how I’d go about converting the images to something suitable to use as a template to make the physical map.


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