[1.2 Spoilers] Notes on Others

Lucy’s Notes

Charles Abrams
Ex-practitioner, forsworn
Appearance: Sketchy looking dude.  Kind of guy who grows his hair long to make up for what he’s losing on top.  Greasy.  Dirty.  Skinny.  Brown/Gray hair & scraggy beard.
Appearance with Sight: Same?
Awakening:  Didn’t participate.

  • Can lie.
  • Seems pissed off at the world.
  • Broke an oath, lost ability to practice.  Now he’s vulnerable.
  • Owes the Kennet others a lot?  Maybe?
  • Avery: Her #1 vote for most scary.  No observations.

Notes: Priority to interview.  Need to work out questions to ask.  Means motive opportunity?  Alibi?  Verona wants to know why/how he got forsworn.


Matthew Moss
Type according to Matthew:
Appearance: Human I guess?  Brown hair + beard.  20-35?
Appearance with Sight: His eyes are in shadow.
Awakening:  Hourglass → Gave holly, took wine → skull

  • Knows about magic circles and stuff.
  • Married to Edith James.
  • People can see him.  He works in town (sales).
  • Was awakened a long while ago.
  • Actively encouraged us to investigate but not to feel pressured to solve.  Why?
    Verona: reminds me of when I’d meet a friend or coworker of my dad and think they seemed suprisingly nice.  Then they’d say something that made me dislike them.
  • Avery: During the ritual when I was saying personal stuff, I looked around for a friendly face and looked to him.  He looked more serious than caring?  Suprised me.

Notes: Interview Later Verona wants to wait until he’s taught us before we spook him any.  More chance of catching him in lies?


Edith James / Girl by Candlelight
Type according to Matthew:
Complex Spirit
Appearance: Human?  Bleached blond hair.
Appearance with Sight:  Eyes glow like fire
Awakening: Skull → Gave red gem, took ash → coin

  • Quiet so far
  • Married to Matthew (didn’t take his name?)
  • Knows fundamentals.  Sorta human?
  • Verona: No idea what to say.  Name’s cool.  Wait until we hear more about spirits?
  • Avery: Makes me nervous when a woman’s this quiet with her husband around.  It reminds me of distant family.

Notes:  Have to interview around the time we interview Matthew.  Couples talk.


Type according to Matthew:
Appearance: Filthy hair, totally black eyes, ragged clothes.
Appearance with Sight:  Same?
Awakening: Thread →  Gave oil, took molasses → Thread

  • Friends with Faerie Girl
  • Climbs a lot.  Sticks to shadows
  • Shy?
  • Avery: gets the feeling ‘Alpy’ might not give up much information because she seems secretive.
  • Verona: Says Alpeana smiled at her & Avery after the molasses.  (relevance?)



Type according to Matthew: Faerie, Dark Autumn
Appearance: Pretty.  Smiles a lot.  Long brown hair.
Avery thinks she has moth wings.  Verona thinks she has bat wings.
With Sight: Nothing after (she left too soon) but Verona says she saw something scary out of the corner of her eye mid-ritual.
Awakening: Thread →  Gave crystal, took honey → Coin

  • She didn’t say/do much prior to the ritual.  Suspicious?  If I was guilty I’d want to keep quiet.
  • I am glad I wrote things down because I’m noticing a lot of the mysterious others started out from the thread.
  • Seems young?
  • Giant guy was paying close attention to her
  • Avery: Seems nice?
  • Verona: Nobody smiles that much without something messed up going on there.  (Said bit in ‘With Sight’ above, added: I was glad I wasn’t feeding her).



Type according to Matthew:
Faerie, Summer Above
Appearance: Handsome.  Long, pale hair, tan skin.  Chiseled good looks.  Muscles.  I’ve seen people as tall as him and people as muscular as him but never both together like that.
With Sight: Left too soon after the ritual.  Nothing special during.
Awakening: Timepiece →  Gave myrrh (according to Avery), took honey → Thread

  • Fussy eater.
  • Again, not a lot of info.  He was quiet (suspiciously quiet!)
  • Avery: Friends with John?  They were hanging
  • Verona: Not my vibe at allll.  Can’t say why for sure.  He hasn’t said or done anything and he feels like the kind of person I’d like least.



John Stiles
Type According to Matthew:
Dog of War
Appearance: Blond buzz cut.  Scary look in eyes.  Deep lines in face.  Age indeterminate.
With Sight: Same?
Awakening: Blade →  Gave oil, took bread → blade

  • My (Lucy’s) vote for least favorite Other by gut feeling
  • Friends with goblins/manages goblins?
  • Strong?
  • Verona: Does he turn into a dog?  Should I not have picked a cat mask?
  • Verona when asked to give more serious input: I feel like I’ve seen him at the edges of crowds or when things have been busy, but not the same way I’ve seen Matthew or Edith.  What does a dog of war do all day?
  • Avery: He didn’t really catch my eye, but if I’m cribbing from Verona… does Kennet even have any war?


Toadswallow, Cherrypop, Bluntmunch, Gashwad
Type According to Matthew: Goblin
Appearance: Toadswallow is fat, bellybutton-high, monocle, spiky belly, dresses nice.
Cherrypop is red, ugly, big nose, squinty, messy hair.  Rat-sized
Bluntmunch is human sized but slouches, muscular.  Underbite, warty like a toad
Gashwad has a huge nose, glaring, beady little eyes, yellow-brown skin instead of pink like others
With Sight: No change?
Awakening: Blade → Gave spices (?), took meat → Skull for all except Toadswallow, who used hourglass.

  • Distillations of filth and nastiness?  Vulgar words?
  • Most don’t seem that bright.  If one had any part in this, seems like it would be Toadswallow.  He is training two others to work with kids?  How would that tie in?
  • Feels like they wouldn’t be very good at lying.  Lots of infighting, they don’t seem to think much before saying stuff.  Might be useful?
  • Verona: They smell.  If we’re writing up questions for the witness, we can ask if the crime scene stinks?  Stunk?
  • Avery: My grandfather once told me if someone’s easily angered, you can use that against them.  Maybe if we have to we can do something like that with them.


The Hungry Choir
Type According to Matthew: Ritual Incarnate
Appearance: 50+ people, mostly young, varying clothes, varying appearance.  Some have bloody mouths or broken/missing teeth.  Lots of singing when they’re around.
With Sight: No change?  During awakening ritual, they were silent.
Awakening: Skull → Gave ? /  Took Meat → Coin

  • Can’t remember what they brought.  There were so many it was hard to see & ritual was over soon after.  Makes me suspicious.
  • Avery: Is it possible one did it?  Do we have to interview them separately?
    (Discussion followed this.  Won’t/can’t summarize.  By end we agreed they’re probably considered one thing)
  • Verona: I haven’t heard them say one word.  How do we interview them if they don’t speak?

Note:  Interview soon, once we figure out how.  They might have shortchanged us in the ritual, taking but not giving.


Type According to Matthew: Unknown
Appearance: Woman, age indeterminate, face and hands always hidden
With Sight: Same?
Awakening: Thread → Gave Myrrh, took ash → thread

  • Only thing more suspicious than someone trying to stay quiet and out of the way is someone trying to control the investigation and she’s controlling a lot.
  • Friend of Matthew and Edith?  Who are also acting suspicious?
  • Smart?
  • The ones who missed or might have messed with the awakening ritual make me most suspicious right off the bat.  She pretends to want to set everything up, but how do we know if the woman with the hidden face ate anything?  What if she threw away our offering?  Is that like not signing a contract?  Top 3 suspect for me.
  • (Avery)  …
  • (Verona) …

Note:  We may have to be careful with this one.  Too smart.  Too connected.  I can probably think of 2 things that are alarming or suspicious for every thing that’s legit.

18 thoughts on “[1.2 Spoilers] Notes on Others

  1. Wow, Lucy’s good at this.

    Typo Thread:
    Kennet others (should this be capitalised?)
    suprisingly > surprisingly
    Suprised > Surprised (unless they’re intentional?)


  2. Oooh this is such a good way to get all three POV characters’ impressions of the Others, and very nice to see Avery picking up some details from the ritual that Lucy’s POV missed out on!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m excited to come back to these notes as we learn more about each character. It’ll be fun to puzzle over what the different choices during the ritual mean in the days between chapters.


  4. No angels or demons in Kennet, by the looks of things, unless that’s what Miss is. I wonder if the “standard” Awakening ritual includes offerings to them, and if so, who, if anyone, took the offerings intended for them?


  5. “Hey John, I heard that you were the subject of a critically acclaimed series of video games! Do you also have a son or apprentice that you shout ‘BOY!’ at all the time?”


  6. I feel like Guilherme and Arnold are the same person, given their proximity to John. That said, I believe Tom in the prologue had dark hair, whereas John has blond hair.

    There could be some fairy shapeshifting, though as always I’m trying to keep spoilers as vague as possible.

    I’m also interested in “Dark Autumn” and “Summer Above”. I haven’t gone deep enough into fairy lore, but I vaguely remember different faerie classifications.

    Final Note: I forgot that kids could just be like, “Oh yeah he might be 20, he might be 35.” That’s a big age difference!


    • Dark Autumn feels like a member of the Unseelie court heavily coated in glamour for the occasion (relatively ‘evil’ wings but varying depending the beholder, and Verona passing a spot check), while Summer Above reeks of Seelie (obviously).


    • I’ve never seen Dark/Above appendages to the faerie courts before, other than the general Seelie/Unseelie descriptions. Wonder where that descriptor came from. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a Mare is a living nightmare as I recall? Pretty much confirmation of bogeyman status the way I see it. Miss and John are the two that I’m most uncertain about. I don’t really buy Lucy’s hostile impressions of Miss – she gives me Laird vibes from Pact. Probably not as friendly as she seems, but direct aggression towards her isn’t likely to go well. The Children are disturbing. I’m reminded of Conquest – if he was a shadow of war in the region, they’re likely a shadow of famine and starvation.


  7. Gotta say, I’m really liking these little bits of bonus content. The extra material just seems like such a cool way to flesh out the world more deeply for those who care about it.


  8. Interesting that Avery and Verona have given no thoughts on Miss. I wonder if that’s where next chapter will pick up, with a discussion about her.

    “The Hungry Choir” just sounds so sinister lol.

    Each girl seeing different type of wings is interesting. I wonder if they’re seeing EVERYONE differently but in more subtle ways that they’re not picking up on.

    Avery is a nice girl and I hope nothing bad happens to her.


  9. Speaking as someone who can barely remember names to save his life, this doc will be an extremely useful reference for anyone trying to remember who the hell John is.

    Also, the Hungry Choir sound (sounds?) like a fascinating entity and I hope we get to see more of it in a context that isn’t utterly horrifying for our protagonists.


  10. The Hungry Choir has caught my attention the most out of all of them. A ‘ritual incarnate’? Trying to think of what ritual they represent, and if the singing, famine and broken teeth are directly related to the ritual or symbolic.


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