16 thoughts on “[3.3 Spoilers] – Timelines

  1. Text Version:

    May 2020

    Friday May 1st – Awakening ritual (Hungry Choir, waning half)
    Saturday May 2nd – Camping. Interview: Charles, Sable, Alabaster, Aurum.
    Sunday May 3rd – More Camp. Lessons with Edith. Interview: John
    Monday May 4th – H.C. Info. Interview: Miss. Gifts from Miss.
    Tuesday May 5th – More Edith & Matthew Lessons. We go -> (Hungry Choir, waning gibbous moon)
    Wednesday May 6th – Fae Interviews & some gifts
    Thursday May 7th – Paul.
    Friday May 8th – Interview: ‘Alpy’. Spirit World. Ruins. (Hungry Choir, full moon)
    Saturday May 9th – Interview: Goblins. Planning.
    Sunday May 10th – Forest Ribbon Trail (Tree pictured). (Hungry Choir, waxing gibbous)
    Monday May 11th – Belanger Negotiate. Avery Returns.
    Tuesday May 12th – Locals hold meetings. Matthew & Edith now leaders.
    Wednesday May 13th – (Nemegos, arrow points to Hungry Choir, waxing half)
    [Some dates from this point have no notes]
    Saturday May 16th – (Donnybrook, arrow points to Hungry Choir, waxing crescent)
    Monday May 18th – (Sulphide, arrow points to Hungry Choir, new moon)
    Tuesday May 19th – 1st Part of Ms. Hardy’s project due.
    Thursday May 21st – Big Sitton Test. (Tomiko, arrow points to Hungry Choir, waning crescent)
    Sunday May 24th – (Leeblain, arrow points to Hungry Choir, waning half)
    Wednesday May 27th – 2nd Part of Ms. Hardy’s project due.
    Thursday May 28th – (Glanmire, arrow pointing to Hungry Choir, waning gibbous)
    Sunday May 31st – (Swords, arrow points to Hungry Choir, full moon)

    Text at bottom reads: June: Final Projects & Tests. Report Cards (Doodle of Verona appears holding a test and saying ‘ugh’)
    School’s out!
    Classes at the Blue Heron Institute
    Verona’s got mom stuff to navigate.
    Team stuff for Ave.
    (Avery doodle is kicking a soccer ball).

    Page 2: The Meeting
    Text: Double Verified by Snowdrop (Snowdrop doodle with shirt reading ‘PWSM’)

    Charles, Matthew, Edith, Maricica hang out at M & E’s place.
    (Doodles of Charles, Matthew with doom spirit chanting ‘doom doom doom’ above his head, Edith with a candle on her head, and Maricica appear).
    – Some brief talk of C.B., Alexander.
    – Mostly talking about us. Less trust.
    Why these four?

    Late Morning:
    Maricica leaves.
    Charles leaves a bit later, returns.
    Procession of spirits files through…
    (Doodles of spirits moving along the page, many with ‘ghost’ tails: bearded spirit, burning spirit, walking spirit, small spirit, serious face spirit, wobbly wang spirit, boob spirit, dog spirit, spirit holding stop sign, buff spirit).
    …and get sent off to the edges of Kennet.

    Everyone else except the Choir and Snowdrop show up.
    What Snowdrop dubbed the boring part.
    Matthew & Edith accepted as de-facto leaders of the Kennet Others. A few leave when formalities are done. (Alpeana to sleep. T.S. & Cherry for goblin stuff.)
    (Doodles at bottom of page include giant Guilherme, goblins that include Toadswallow with monocle and tiny Cherry, John, and Alpeana).

    3rd Page: Eras

    Possibly before we were born:
    – Carmine Beast is around, doing the ‘red judge’ thing.
    – Maricica may have been around, picking on the C.B.
    – Charles’ friendship with Alexander begins.
    – Miss exists the Paths, after being stuck there for a while, being bound. Escapes via. ‘detour’ on the F.R.T.
    – Guilherme comes to Kennet. Maricica follows later.
    – John Shoots Yalda, his sick/black dog friend.
    * Miss, Guilherme and Bluntmunch are there, as are…
    * Matthew & Edith. Matthew is ‘barely more than a teenager’. He looks, what? 27-32 y.o.?

    Arrows point from this last point to text: Does this time this event for the next era?

    Ten years or so ago:
    – Alexander forswears Charles.
    * Charles is taken in by the Kennet Others. Becomes their walking trash bin for curses and stuff.
    * This is generally accepted to be a good deal, all things considered.
    – (Nine years ago) The Hungry Choir comes into being. Right from the start, it is strong, enduring, and it seems pretty complex.
    * It likes ghost towns and Kennet.
    * We don’t know who made it and how.

    – Maricica teases the beast, temp. blinds it.
    – Munch does the voyeur job.
    – Guilherme has a secret scheme going on. Meets someone during…
    – C.B. death/disappearance. See interview notes #1.

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  2. I find it worrisome that Verona has mom stuff to deal with at the same time that the girls will be taking lessons from the Blue Heron Institute.

    I find it curious that the Hungry Choir emerged shortly after Charles, who’d been previously described as a Summoner, had become forsworn. That was a massive loss of power, and as the Carmine Beast shows, power doesn’t just up and vanish.

    Finally, it amuses me that there’s a town called Donnybrook.


    • Hungry Choir emerged shortly after Charles, who’d been previously described as a Summoner, had become forsworn. That was a massive loss of power, and as the Carmine Beast shows, power doesn’t just up and vanish.

      It does feel like WB is highlighting and underlining that by dedicating an entire post to timelines.


  3. WB I love your doodles. Matthe and Edith are adorable and goodness, wobbly wang x3

    (Excuse the lazy effort) I don’t know if there is anything one could glean from this, but it’s the locations of the HC as given by the calendar. I don’t remember if the town Avery was headed for was mentioned.

    I would think it’s going in an inwards spiral were it not for Leeblain. It does have a bit of a square shape though.

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  4. oh man. matthew and edith are the new leaders?? thats real bad, considering that theyre the new top suspects. also dang, when its laid out like that, the girls have been real damn busy ever since they became practioners


  5. Speaking of the hungry choir, it’s an incarnation of strife, isn’t it? So Alex may be involved there in more ways than 1. Or 3.


  6. God the thing abt projects being due legit gave me a stress flashback to junior high lmao, you’re rocking the overall…idk, vibe of them being school kids


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