9 thoughts on “[3.5 Spoilers] Gifts Received

  1. Note: My plan for what I was going to do for today’s update derailed with a printer issue, so I went back to finish art I planned for prior update(s). That makes this one a bit redundant, sorry.

    Text: Gifts Received

    Matthew & Edith:
    [✓] Lessons in Shamanism & Diagrams [Image of old spell notes]

    Miss: (Sections are color coded for the three girls, in order of Verona, Avery, Lucy)
    [✓] Access to the Blue Heron Institute [Image of two cards with scribbly writing. Heron watermark]
    [✓] Scribe’s Pen [Image of quill pen with golden nib, black feather]
    [✓] Documents detailing the Forest Ribbon Trail [Image of old notes on FRT]
    [✓] The Black Rope. Unofficial Gift [Image of rope appears on left & right of text]
    [✓] The weapon ring

    John Stiles:
    [✓] Dog tags so he can assist us in times of need [blackened dog tag]

    [✓] A simple curse [Scratchy black speech bubble shows repeated curse in red, three red nails are stuck in the bubble by the text, one is making the bubble bleed]

    [✓] Ratfink Key, breaks whatever it opens. [Image is of a small rodent’s skull with a twisted wire sticking out of its mouth.]

    [✓] Glamour breaking stuff [a green tennis ball with a fuse sticking out of it and two black firecrackers frame the text]

    [✓] Thorn in the flesh [a red thorn with green and yellow mottling at the base sits in a pool of shadow.

    —– Next Page —–

    Maricica: (gifts are color coded with tinted backgrounds, for Verona, Avery, and Lucy)
    [✓] A way to ‘sign’ a deal with a repetition of phrase, making it our own. [Three linked, flowery speech bubbles feed into the word ‘Verona’, written below.]
    [✓] Changing into an animal with glamour. [a cat with purple eyes]
    [✓] Creating false images with glamour. [A silhouetted face with a long nose extends from notes on glamour, showing some hand signs and indecipherable text]

    [✓] A trick for making an item into something similar. [charm bracelet extends from aforementioned notes]
    [✓] A way to change appearances. [A swirly face shows a woman in the upper right and a man’s face in the bottom left.
    [✓] How to challenge an unfair contest.

    [✓] Information on the background motives of the Kennet Others. They think we’ll become more Other?
    [✓] The Nettlewisp counterattack. [Image of a braided thorn arrow]
    [✓] A glamour to become more elemental and flow with that element.

    [✓] Using a glamour to reinforce the Self.
    [] [] Pending

    Also Pending:
    [] Alpeana. [] Choir?

    An image of Verona sits in the bottom right, one arm draped over one knee.

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    • No worries, I really appreciate having this more graphical version of the gifts! It helps me remember them all better than the pure-text list from before.

      Small typos:
      – in the image: “Ratfink Key, breaks whatever it open[s]” (text description correctly has the ‘s’)
      – text description for John’s gift is missing the line for “Hot Lead”


  2. Verona ‘oi, hungry bunch, you owe us pressies’
    Avery ‘and stop eating people please?’
    Lucy, ‘and where were your fjnger puppets on the night of the carmine beast removal? All of them! I brought a spare pad…’
    Verona, ‘oi, Yalda’s spawn, I name you. Now. Pressies’

    I can see that conversation going like shouting at the tide.

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  3. Are you really drawing all of this, Wildbow? I knew you were a really good author, but I didn’t know that you were this talented as an artist, as well! That picture of Verona, in particular, looks like it would have been really difficult to draw – unless you were just tracing over a photograph?


  4. Gifts remaining: Two from Guilherme, an uncertain number from Alpeana, and whatever the Hungry Choir decides is the minimum effort that fulfils its oath. After that, it’s all favors and bargains and recycling old tricks.


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