[4.3 Spoilers] Packing Up

Avery’s Clothes: T-shirts and jerseys with nature & surfer designs, track pants, jeans, shorts, warm jacket with hood, tankini, nice shirt from the party, socks & stuff.  Deer mask, cloak & hat.

Lucy’s Clothes:  Blouses, branded athletic tops, sweatshirt dress with Vikare logo.  Red jeans, Quire stretch pants, black jeans, two skirts.  Red raincoat, socks & stuff, bag with mask, hat, cloak.

Verona’s Clothes: Old clothes & new clothes from online shopping, socks & stuff both matched & mismatched, stockings, skirt, overalls dress, mask, cloak, hat.

Hygiene (misspelled) stuff, Tooth & Hair:
Avery:Toothbrush, hairbrush, biggestfoot hairspray, pitstop sports deodorant
Verona: Shaky cat electric toothbrush, Stealth antiperspirant, makeup stuff.
Lucy: Metal reinforced huge hair & makeup case.
Also depicted: rusty fork

Other essentials, Money:
$40 contributed by Avery & Verona both.  $60 contributed by Lucy.
Also depicted: 68 cents.

School Supplies:
Avery: Hard pencilcase & paper
Verona: pencilcase with everything in it, paper.
Lucy: Fountain pen & paper
Also depicted: broken pencil.

Practice stuff:

Glamour – Guilherme & Maricica (fine yellow & coarser dark green dust, respectively)

Avery – Hockey stick bracelet charm
Verona – Ugly Stick
Lucy – Enchanted knife & weapon ring
Also depicted – rusty fork

Dog Tags
All three girls have theirs.
Also depicted: random, nonmagic dog tag from a mundane dog.

Keys & Lockpicks:
Avery – Enter Key
Verona – Ratfink Key
Lucy – Computer Bug
Also depicted – rusty fork

Trickery & Stuff:
Avery – Sunset Specs
Verona – Quill Pen & Jammer
Lucy – Thorn in the flesh, anti-glamour measures
Not depicted – rusty fork

21 thoughts on “[4.3 Spoilers] Packing Up

  1. Huh. I wonder if the girls would be able to boost the power of these items by making them a communal Collection. They’ve got three weapons (two sticks and two transforming jewellery) and three keys, so they’d just need a third set of three – or two more sets of three for seven, if they include their masks, hats, and cloaks.

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    • Sounds potentially either potent (strengthening all items collectively), stupid (unable to use any of them properly without everyone being there), or dangerous (it’s Pactverse magic dude).

      If only there was somewhere they could go to learn about this kind of stuff…


    • It’s not in the text listing, but it looks like it’s pictured right next to the sunglasses.

      Or was that the point you were making? Not sure if you missed it (it’s there) or you saw it and were pointing out it was omitted from the text (in which case, I apologize for being pedantic).

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  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha:
    “Also depicted”…
    I see you Snowdrop. You adorable madness creature.
    Nice Dogtag.

    Also, I love the distinction between Lucy and Avery’s descriptions and Verona’s:
    “Old and new cloths and socks and stuff.”
    “Makeup stuff”

    Is all like `whatever, I guess I brought things. Who cares.’

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  3. I can’t help wondering if the rusty fork is Chekov’s or Red Herring’s.

    Also, seven sets of three items would be cool.

    And, naturally, Snowdrop is the coolest thing in this verse since Sparrow Boy who’s name I can’t remember. Too bad I can’t tell what she’s doing here(I’m assuming there are some graphics with empty alt-text among the actual text my screen reader can read.

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  4. that last line on the translation: “not depicted: a rusty fork.” lol Snowdrop is such a fantastic character.

    This is interesting, getting to see the aesthetic styles of our three witches fully, and really get a solid depiction of so many of these items. It’s really a neat bonus, these Thursday chapters; I’m enjoying the multimedia content greatly. ^_^

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  5. The composition of the pictures is pretty good. I’m especially fond of how Verona’s clothes are scattered all about the frame, contrasting with the orderly arrangement of Avery and Lucy’s clothes.

    I wonder if “Also Depicted” is actually hoping to learn stuff, or if she’s just going to be the trio’s emotional support animal.

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  6. Also, is a warm jacket really something a Canadian needs to pack for summer boarding school? Or is packing one just being crazy prepared?

    If it’s actually needed, I so wish I had a Canadian summer home because I’m tired of being lucky if it gets down in the 80s at night down here in North Carolina… and yet, I’m also hopoing this coming winter is milder… no central AC or heating sucks.


    • I’m going with “trying to be super prepared”. I mean, it’s magic school. You never know when you’ll be sent to Antarctica or something.


    • Also, is a warm jacket really something a Canadian needs to pack for summer boarding school?

      Needs? No, not really. But it’s a good idea to pack one anyway, especially if you’re planing to be out and about at night. If you look up the weather they’ve had in Thunder Bay this year, most days had nice highs, but the lows were in the single-digits (40s in Fahrenheit). And June 11 had a high of 9°C (48°F).

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    • Wherever you’re going, whatever time of year it is, there’s one rule of thumb wise travelers follow: The longer you’re away from home, the more likely it is the weather will be weird at least once.


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